My name is Gary Dates. I’m just a guy. I love playing the drums and I’ve been lucky to have been able to eke out a living at it. Merriam-Webster defines EKE as follows:

to get with great difficulty —usually used with ‘out’, as in “eke out a living”

EEEEK!! Well, it’s true. Not complaining though, I swear. Just saying it like it is. I’m not famous. But I have managed to learn a thing or two about the drums, gigging, etc. So this website, is about what I know. Hopefully what I know is of some interest, or even better….USE, to y’all!

But Wait! There’s More!!

I’m also a photographer. That has nothing to do with this site. Except that, a) I have other interests, and b) my many years as a drummer actually help me in being creative as a photographer

See, I’m big on creativity. I live for it….so do you. We all do. How do I know this? Buy this book.

It’s all there. You’ll learn, as I did, how creativity happens: