Steve Gadd – Dear Alice

A commenter asked me to break down Steve Gadd’s amazing solo in Chick Corea’s “Dear Alice” off of The Mad Hatter record. As a Steve Gadd fanboy, I couldn’t resist!Watch Video

The Problem With “The Best.”

Striving to be “The Best” is so pervasive in our hyper-competitive culture. Indeed, now that the year is coming to a close it’s time for “The Best (insert whatever) in 2022”. I submit this kind of thinking is unhealthy and self-defeating.Watch Video

Tuning Toms-My “non-method!”

Tuning toms isn’t easy. They resonate, and because they usually have 2 heads, if you don’t know how to get them to work together you can have a pretty bad-sounding drum. The key is to start out with even tension around each head. If you use my “method”, you then start tweaking.Watch Video

Grids PART 2: Quintuplets & Septuplets

If you like a challenge, this video is for you! I show you how to take any pattern and play it over several grids like the previous video. But I added quintuplet and septuplet grids for an extra challenge.Watch Video