Studio Tour: Shorefire Recording

I’ve done some recording at Shorefire, and was always impressed with the drum sound. In this video, I was able to pick studio owner/engineer Joe Dimeo’s brain about his gear and signal chain. Watch Video

Cheap Vs Expensive Hi-Hats

I own an inexpensive pair of Meinl 13″ HCS Hi-Hats, I just acquired a pair of Paiste 802 14″ Hi-Hats, and I also own Zildjian Quickbeats and Sabian HH Hi-Hats…both 14″….both expensive! I thought it would be interesting to compare them.Watch Video

TD 27kv Follow-Up

After 2 months (maybe more) of using the Roland TD27kv eDrum Kit, I have some opinions, mostly good with one glaring exception.Watch Video

AKG 460B vs Behringer C-2

I’ve owned a pair of AKG 460 B mics with the CK61-ULS capsule for decades. When I saw the Behringer C-2 matched stereo pair for $50 I had to check them out, and see how they compared to the AKGs.Watch Video