5 Minute Friday – Episode 5

Great 3/4 groove by Mark Guiliana!

In this installment, I break down a really cool 3/4 pattern by Mark Guiliana off of a record called “Earth Analog” by Now vs Now.Watch Video

5 Minute Friday – Episode 4

5 ways to improve your FEEL!

FEEL is the most important element we as drummers bring to the music. While it’s not easy to define, you know it when you hear it. Watch Video

5 Minute Friday – Episode 3

Gene Krupa Triplets!

This video examines triplets, as played by the late, great Gene Krupa. Its really as simple as single-stroke triplets, distributing the accents around the kit…or even just the snare. It’s a fun little exercise if nothing else!

Watch Video

Fun With Fives!!

In this video, we explore using FIVE NOTE GROUPINGS in a 4/4 sixteenth-note grid, and a sixteenth-note triplet grid.Watch Video